A Successful School Year is Within Reach

(Ten tips to easy academic success)

Ten Tips to a Successful School Year will help bridge the gap between what success in school requires and the way your child learns. 

Bette Fetter

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About The Author


I’m a visual person… I see in pictures. I think in pictures and I process information visually. I’m a visual learner.

I’m an artist… I love art. I love to do art, see art and make art. I’m emotionally moved by visual experiences and attracted to the beauty of line, pattern and color. I’m an art nerd.

I’m an educator… My fine arts degree and exposure to Montessori education enabled me to develop Young Rembrandts, a unique approach to teaching art and drawing through demonstration and step-by-step instruction.

I’m a business woman… I founded Young Rembrandts out of my passion for art and children. My visual thinking skills and MBA helped me to grow my business into a successful international franchisecompany and spread the Power of Drawing across the globe.

I’m an author… After I realized that many of my strengths; being visual, relational, collaborative and innovative have been developed through my years of participation in the arts, I wrote Being Visual. In it I share my experience, research and what other education experts have to say about the value of the arts and right-brain, visual-spatial thinking.

I’m a wife and mother… I am a mother of four, grandmother of two and wife to my high school sweetheart. Along with work; family adventures, gardening, reading and ministry work fill my days. I avoid the gym at all costs and long for time to return to the drawing board.


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